portret Ilona


ilona van der nat | NL 1971

In this fast changing world driven by technologic innovation, to my belief there is an evolving need for people to slow down. To get back in touch with our feelings. To reflect on what kind of humans we actually would like to be and in what kind of world we want to live in. To reconnect to nature as a source of everlasting energy.

To me reality appears to be the source of a poetic imagery. In the choice for my pictures' subjects I am striving for a narrative pathos, evoking feelings and emotions beyond their objective appearance. I wish my imagery to be a source for people to slow down, reflect and reconnect. Wondering how we humans belong to places and relate to nature and animals, I wander through landscapes. A deep-rooted longing for autonomy, serenity and feeling free is my driving force.

Besides my own personal photo projects I am stimulating the creative and critical thinking of others, by organising workshops in which you learn to see, listen, reflect and communicate by looking at and talking about works of art, using Visual Thinking Strategies.

2019 Art Based Learning
2019 Visual Thinking Strategies Image Selection
2016 - 2017 Visual Thinking Strategies Basic- & Advanced training
2015 Fotoacademie Amsterdam
1997-1994 Graphic Design - Willem de Kooning Academie Rotterdam
1993 bachelor of Economics

LensCulture Winter Exhibition 2017 - www.lensculture.com
LensCulture Winter Exhibition 2017

Nominatie Stadsfotograaf Leiden 2016
nomination City Photographer of City of Leiden 2016
3 juni t/m 26 juni
3 June untill 26 June
Galerie Tuinstaal
groepsexpositie - Herenstraat Leiden
group exhibition - Herenstraat, Leiden
12 mei t/m 19 juni
12 May untill 19 June
GEAR15 Eindexamenexpositie
groepsexpositie Fotoacademie - Cinemec, Berlijn plein 100 Utrecht
group exhibition Fotoacademie - Cinemec, Berlijnplein 100 Utrecht The Netherlands
3 april t/m 29 mei
3 April untill 29 May
GEAR15 Eindexamenexpositie
groepsexpositie Fotoacademie - Boekhandel Pantheon, Sint Antoniebreestr. 134 Amsterdam
group exhibition Fotoacademie - Pantheon Bookstore Sint Antoniebreestraat 134 Amsterdam, The Netherlands
11 januari t/m 10 februari
11 January untill 10 February
GEAR15 Eindexamenexpositie
groepsexpositie Fotoacademie - Fotoacademie Sarphatistraat 35 Amsterdam
group exhibition Fotoacademie - Fotoacademie Sarphatistraat 35 Amsterdam,The Netherlands
19 t/m 21 december
19 untill 21 December
GEAR15 Eindexamenexpositie
groepsexpositie Fotoacademie - Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam
group exhibition Fotoacademie - Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2013 - 2014
15 november t/m 16 januari
15 November untill 16 January

Fotoacademie Fotoreizen - Belfast en La Mancha
groepsexpositie Fotoacademie, Prins Hendrikstraat 7, Nijmegen
group exhibition Fotoacademie - Prins Hendrikstraat 7, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
13 september t/m 28 oktober
13 September untill 28 October
Fotoacademie Fotoreizen - Belfast en La Mancha
groepsexpositie Galerie Fotogram, Sarphatistraat 35, Amsterdam
group exhibition Gallery Fotogram - Sarphatistraat 35, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
29 maart t/m 1 mei
29 March untill 1 May
Het Oog in Rotterdam
groepsexpositie Fotogalerie Rotterdam, Conradstraat 20, Rotterdam
group exhibition Photogallery Fotogram - Conradstraat 20, Rotterdam, The Netherlands